Change or Write IMEI Using WriteIMEI Tool

These are the instructions to change or write IMEI on Spreadtrum (SPD) devices using WriteIMEI Tool on Windows Computer.

Requirements: The following tutorial will only work on Spreadtrum devices.

Change or write IMEI using WriteIMEI tool

Step 01: Download and Install Spreadtrum (SPD) Driver on your Windows Computer.

Step 02: Download and extract WriteIMEI tool on your computer. After extracting you will be able to see the following files:

WriteIMEI File

WriteIMEI Files

Step 03: Now, Open WriteIMEI.exe.

WriteIMEI Open.exe

Step 04: Once WriteIMEI is launched, you will be able to see the following screen:

WriteIMEI Launched

Step 05: Now, Click on the Mode Select and select Normal Mode.

WriteIMEI ModeSelect WriteIMEI Mode

Step 06: Now, Click on the Set and Select the list of IMEI you want to Write (for example, if your device have single IMEI then select IMEI1 only, and remove the tick from the IMEI2 and others).

WriteIMEI Set WriteIMEI remove tick

Step 07: Under the IMEI1 option, You will be able to see 2 options i.e Manual Input and Auto Generated IMEI. Select Manual Input (if you want to put the IMEI manually).

Step 08: Now, click on Save to Continue.

Step 09: Now, Under the Please input IMEI1 option write the 15 digit IMEI code (you can know your device IMEI by Dialing *#06# or you will find the IMEI at the back panel of your device).

WriteIMEI Input Imei

WriteIMEI Input Imei

Step 10: Now, Connect your Spreadtrum device to the computer.

Connect mobile to computer

Step 11: Now, Click on Write Button to begin writing IMEI process.

WriteIMEI Write

Step 12: Once, IMEI Flash is completed you will be able to see green Pass Message on WriteIMEi Tool.

WriteIMEI Success

Step 13: Now, restart your Device.

Step 14: Now, Check your IMEI by Dialing *#06# (this will verify the IMEI write process is code correctly or not).

Change or Write IMEI Using WriteIMEI Tool Video Tutorial